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Remote starts are a popular product category here at Loud and Clear Audio & Tint. When many people think about a remote start, the first thing that comes to mind is warming up your car, truck or SUV in the winter. While that is true, more and more people every year are also recognizing the benefit of using a remote start to cool down their vehicles on our hot Texas days.

Industry-standard Installations

First and foremost, the quality of an installation will make or break the reliability of your system. Our technicians use Industry-standard methods, including soldering all connections, as well as properly looming and securing all harnesses.

Most Reliable Brand

Our featured product line is Compustar, the finest brand available in remote starts. Since 1999, their singular focus has been designing and building the longest-range, best-performing products on the market.

Most Reliable For Manual Transmission Vehicle

Do you own a diesel or manual transmission vehicle? We have solutions for you. We can even add a turbo timer function to allow your engine to cool down the bearings in your turbocharged vehicle before it shuts down the engine.

Come See Us

The final step in getting a remote starter for your vehicle is simply contacting Loud and Clear Tint & Audio by clicking HERE or stopping by our store in Wylie at your convenience.

Factory Remote Options

3X Lock Start
When you add the Compustar Remote Start System to your vehicle, you will now be able to remote start your vehicle using your factory key fob!