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What Exactly is Paint Protection Film?

One of the most popular questions we field from clients is simply “what is paint protection film?” In simple terms, it is a clear urethane film approximately 8 mils in thickness that is applied on top of your paint job in strategic areas. It keeps your paint looking new for a longer period of time, helping to improve the resale value of what is probably the second-biggest purchase you’ll make after your home. What is doesn’t do is block any UV rays, so the paint underneath the film will age at the same rate as unprotected paint, keeping the colors looking the same.

Imagine going to sell a new car four years after buying it and having zero scratches and chips on the front of the vehicle. If you were in the market for a used car, that would surely make it more appealing to you, right?

Four Different Packages

We offer four packages of paint protection film, so one is sure to meet your needs and budget.


Our basic package is called Standard and comes with protection for the leading edge of the hood and fenders, as well as the mirror caps. It offers a five-year warranty.


Our next level up package is called Deluxe. It offers everything in the Standard package and adds protection for the front bumper and headlights. It also has a five-year warranty.


When you step to our Premium package, you get the full hood and fenders protected along with the headlights, side mirror caps, fog lights, rocker panels and door cups. Moving to this package also gets you a 10-year warranty on the film.


Our top-of-the-line package is known as Platinum. It offers everything in the Premium package and adds protection for the A-pillars, as well as the leading edge of the roof. If you want the ultimate, you just found it. When you go with Platinum, you also get a 10-year warranty on the film.

Get a Paint Protection Consultation

The best way to know what package is best for you is to drive over to Loud and Clear Audio & Tint in Wylie and have a paint protection consultation with one of our highly trained team. We will work one on one with you to find the best solution for your needs. You can also use our contact form by clicking HERE.

Loud and Clear Audio & Tint in Wylie is a specialist in paint protection film. If you are looking for a product to help protect your investment in your new vehicle, classic car or recent paint job, this is probably it. Our clear film helps protect against road rash, small stone chips, bird droppings, and minor rubs and marks that can happen in a parking lot. It even has a self-healing technology so minor scratches in the film itself will heal when the vehicle sits out in the sun.

Paint Protection Film