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Reduce Traffic Stress

Imagine reversing from a narrow driveway into oncoming traffic? Have you ever been at a red light and find out that you need to reverse to either change lanes or give room to passing pedestrians? Those times happen to the best of us. When driving a vehicle that has a backup camera, reversing in high-stress situations around traffic becomes an easier, more peaceful process.

Sightline For Kids & Pets

An estimated 200 people are killed each year and 14,000 are injured due to backover accidents, and the overwhelming majority of victims are children. Through the implementation of mandatory backup cameras and the wider views that these cameras provide, drivers will always be able to view what is directly behind their vehicle, therefore preventing many of these unnecessary and heartbreaking injuries and deaths.

Eliminate Blind Zone

Backup Cameras allow you to see spots that you can't see with your typical mirrors. Its better than sound sensors.

Parallel Parking Help

No matter how safe and conscious of a driver you are, there will always be some tricky parking scenarios you’ll find yourself in. Specifically, when it comes to parallel parking, backup cameras help ensure that you are making all the right moves to get your vehicle in the desired space without any bump or bruise.

SOme Of Our Camera Brand We Sell

We sell multiple brand of Backup Cameras.

Our clients say

Chance Jones
Chance J.
22:30 18 Apr 20
Got a full front Paint Protection Film on my car done from them yesterday. It’s hard to tell the thing is even on there and it should protect the paint from rock chips etc. and came with a 12 year warranty! I’m really happy with the customer service and they are very reasonably priced compared to other shops. Ask for Josh, he’ll take care of you.
Amer Nazimuddin
Amer N.
02:07 15 Mar 20
Daniel Oliva
Daniel O.
00:27 12 Feb 20
jeff h
jeff h
06:46 08 Feb 20
My review is overdue. After having a bad experience with the shop I had been taking my cars too for years I decided it was time for a change. I did a lot of research before I decided to bring my truck to Loud and Clear. And i couldn’t have made a better choice. The 30 min drive from my house is worth it in my opinion. The way I see it if you’re nominated for ME Industry Awards installer of the year then you must be doing something right, which these guys were. Johnny was very knowledgeable and really helped with what I was looking for. They were even cool with me bringing my own equipment which I know some shops don’t like that at all and I know they prefer you buy it from them but they helped me out. My system sounds awesome. My friend has come in to get some tint done in his car and I have since brought my dad’s truck for some tint and a stereo install. And every time I’ve called they know who I am by telling them my first name not by the car I drive which lets you know they really do care.
Juan Quinones, Jr.
Juan Quinones, J.
06:09 27 Jan 20
Took my mustang in to get an eyebrow put on the windshield. The guys that work there are really cool and respectable guys. Easy to talk to and even let me walk back and look at the computer to make sure they cut the one I wanted. Took care of me in a timely manner and I look forward to getting some other stuff done to my truck here in the near future.
Josh Hansen
Josh H.
20:12 22 Jan 20
Super fast service the guys were really nice
Daleena Harvey
Daleena H.
20:25 16 Jan 20
Lauren Schempp
Lauren S.
15:40 13 Jan 20
Great service friendly and knowledgeable. Looking forward to install
Willie Feltus
Willie F.
23:24 11 Jan 20
LIFETIME WARRANTY ON WINDOW TINT IS LEGIT!!!I brought my acura tsx 07 with FormulaOne LLumar tint with a life time warranty card from 2007. that’s 13 YEARS AGO. The tint had faded over time and “loud and clear” took my car in and gave me a NEW full car tint and removed the old one FREE OF CHARGE under the warranty. They gave me a new warranty card for the future. Before this car, I had another car that i got tinted from a different shop before the car got totaled. The other shop did it for cheap but the quality was awful. They left scratches on my car and it was a terrible outcome. This shop is legit. The people at Loud and Clear take gentle care of your car. They have a nice well-lit work place, and the people there are very friendly and work very hard to get the job done right. Unlike other shops, they’re not there to just take your money, they’re there to get the job done right and make you happy. Truly respect that and definitely recommend others to go here!! 🙂
Sohaib Akhtar
Sohaib A.
04:57 04 Jan 20
Great local business that provides outstanding quality work. They take great pride in their workmanship, are very responsive and communicate throughout the process.
Ken Lawson
Ken L.
22:01 16 Dec 19
Josh helped me fix my sister’s subwoofer after I blew both fuses on it. Coolest guy I’ve ever met.
Brendan Frost
Brendan F.
18:14 14 Dec 19
Excellent work! Staff are on point and very helpful. Took my wife’s car in to get the and they were very professional and did a great job!
Jesse Hollock
Jesse H.
01:21 24 Oct 19
The guys there were very patient and helpful on getting what i needed for mt 2012 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited.And they Support our Troops witch was a plus for me.
Greg Crippen
Greg C.
22:37 19 Oct 19
Justin and Johnny were pro’s pros in installing my new auto start system and alarm. Quick, quality work done by guys who know how to treat the customer right and do an excellent job. Everyone should use these guys.
Sean Mann
Sean M.
00:56 11 Aug 19
They tinted all the windows on my truck and I was impressed with their speed and service. Right off the bat they were able to point me in the right direction as far as choosing my tint and I really liked their personable approach to doing business. Would definitely recommend!Update: I had to replace my my already tinted AIR series 80 front window since my original windshield cracked. Driving around with no front window film for a few weeks in the summer is very tough!! I made an appointment to put new film on my windshield and I could notice a BIG difference as far as heat deflection and the cooling of the inside of my truck cab.
John Arledge
John A.
13:26 29 Jul 19
The guys in the shop really know their product and do an outstanding job. They are super friendly and knowledgeable, and very efficient with their time. Definitely recommend them for any car audio, tint, truck accessories, wraps, and detailing that you might need. 5+ stars, if I could give them a 10, I would. Very professional company.
Comics And Stuff
Comics And S.
17:16 27 Jul 19
Very helpful and extremely knowledgeable about the product.
Ethan Bell
Ethan B.
19:05 25 Jul 19
Julie Henderson
Julie H.
21:53 21 Jul 19
Extremely professional staff and excellent work! I had the windows on my vehicle tinted there and I will be back again!
Mike Sparks
Mike S.
23:46 19 Jul 19
Johnny did an awesome job installing and explaining how to use my new Drone remote start for my vehicle. Friendly service and clean shop. Would highly recommend.
Richard Massimino
Richard M.
08:05 15 Jul 19
Excellent service. Quality install and custom fiberglass box install. Well worth the money!
Brian Morris
Brian M.
04:34 14 Jul 19
Great experience. Great work!
Keven Sticher
Keven S.
21:35 13 Jul 19
Dropped in this afternoon near closing time to get a quote for tint and audio equipment for my vehicle. Everyone I spoke with was polite, professional, and knowledgeable. I haven’t used a tint shop in several years. Compared to my past experience Loud and Clear is much cleaner and seems extremely professional compared to others I have worked with in the past.
William Cummings
William C.
02:56 10 Jul 19
What’s not to love? Veteran owned and operated. Quality work that is backed up by the owner of the company. A wide array of expertise and passion. This is definitely the place to take your car if you have any questions or really need anything.
14:26 28 Jun 19
Marcus Chaney
Marcus C.
03:01 28 Jun 19
Johnny was awesome from the moment I called to talk to him! He walked me through process of replacing the radio in my truck. He invited me to come up to take a look at it and showed me and my son all the features. We made an appointment for a few days later to have it done. They completed the work and Johnny walked my son through using the new radio. He was wonderful from start to finish and I felt like the price was very reasonable. Highly recommend!!
Lorna Bradford
Lorna B.
18:20 24 Jun 19
Service and product expertise at its finest. These guys have won me multiple awards at custom shows.
Bubbas Dually
Bubbas D.
05:49 22 Jun 19
Great place, friendly, clean, they do great work and can do anything to a vehicle you want done, from wraps, paint protection, window tint, new sound system, sound proofing your vehicle.i will definitely be going back to them for sound proofing my car.Thank you Josh for all your help.
CE Sebastian
00:36 26 May 19
Had my windows tinted. Quick and perfect. Would definitely recommend!
Kristi H
Kristi H
22:16 25 May 19
love these guys, from lettering out my service truck, to installing tint, to my sound system and cameras, these guys know their stuff, my go to guys for both super duty trucks !
David Ewing
David E.
17:42 19 May 19
I came here for a price on a tint for my Ford Expedition and found it rather reasonably compared to other shop. They got me in right and and was done with my two windows in less than 30 mins. VERY nice guys and down to earth. They explained what they are doing and why. I kind of want to keep my “secret” shop to myself but that would be selfish 😁
Ray Clay
Ray C.
08:53 27 Apr 19
Josh and Johnny were excited to help me with my pool table renovation. They provide excellent customer service and very skilled installation on an unusual project. We vinyl wrapped an ugly old table and made it look awesome with a custom blue flame design. Johnny went above and beyond to help install LED lights underneath as well. Couldnt be happier!
Joel Davis
Joel D.
02:19 17 Apr 19
This place is top notch. The work is great and the customer service is excellent. I came from out of town, 5 hours away and they came to me after hours to take care of me. I own my own IT business and I go out of my way to service my clients, this company sets the bar. They installed a remote start for me and tint on my 4 RUNNER, the job excellent. If you need audio or tint go to them first.
David Johnson
David J.
01:07 17 Mar 19
Great place
Ken Henderson
Ken H.
16:59 13 Mar 19
Josh, Johnny and Adam are true professionals at their craft. I have used their services to put tint on my home windows as well as my Raptor. They also installed the LED lights on my truck as well as paint protection film. Next up will be their services for ceramic coating.I appreciate the attentitiveness to the job and their communications to the customer are excellent.
Randy Marble
Randy M.
15:47 13 Mar 19
Finally; a local Wylie business that provides vehicle window tinting and car audio….with great customer service!I called Loud and Clear a few weeks ago to get options/pricing on window tint. Everything was explained in detail. I setup an appointment on a Saturday and they had the job done in a few hours. I’m very happy with the pricing and final product.The store is new and clean, there’s a waiting area, and you can even see your vehicle being worked on in the garage.
Josh Gonzales
Josh G.
02:09 10 Feb 19
I was looking for a local place to tint my front 2 windows on our recently purchased Subaru Outback. Searched Google and Loud and Clear popped up on the map right down the street from my house. I left a message on the website and Josh called me back and explained all of the options available. I chose the option that was best for me and Josh advised to bring in my vehicle right away. 10 minutes later, they were in the process of doing the tint. Excellent install and very very quick turn around. Thank you for a great job.
12:14 03 Feb 19
They do great tint work for a reasonable price. Love the tint on our car now!
Lexi Eclaire Caleum
Lexi Eclaire C.
00:34 26 Jan 19
chris gordon
chris G.
18:51 02 Jan 19
Caleb Lemoine
Caleb L.
19:24 29 Dec 18
Richard Bryant
Richard B.
00:53 27 Oct 18
Can’t recommend this place enough! I had my original tint job done at a place in California and after several years, my back window started to bubble. When I went back to my original place, I was told it would take 6 hours to do. Eventually I moved to Texas and found Loud and Clear on google reviews. The moment I called this place I was treated with the best customer service. Josh detected that my original tint job was actually not even the level of tint that matched my guarantee form. He quickly called the Llumar company to see if they would pay for a full redo on all my windows instead of just my back window and they agreed to redo all of it, no cost to me. I was in and out of this place within 2 hours. My windows look fantastic!! 100% recommend these guys! Honest, fast and accurate!
Grace Luppi
Grace L.
21:26 26 Oct 18
These guys knocked did a great job on my car! They have the best customer service I’ve seen in a long time! They have my business from now on!
Marianne Politz
Marianne P.
01:34 09 Oct 18
Excellent service, very friendly, very professional, veteran friendly and they do excellent work!
Jeff Smalley
Jeff S.
23:50 08 Oct 18
Great dudes. Had them fix a tint job on a used car I bought. Did it timely, and reasonably priced. Found a small hair in the tint (which happens from time to time) and they quickly offered to redo the job for free. Very professional.
John Williamson
John W.
16:39 08 Oct 18
The place is super nice and the technician John did a great jobs on my window tint. I was in and out in no time. Will be going back to get my truck done! Thanks guys
Dennis Kahanek
Dennis K.
20:14 01 Oct 18
Josh and his team make it happen. Period. From the killer stereo rebuild (EVERYTHING plus some) in my 2005 Jeep Wrangler, to the immaculately designed and installed vehicle wrap, to the window tint, to the headlights, to the ammo box Bluetooth speaker… they have it all, do it all, and do a damn good job! If you need something done, they can do it! And the price! Super reasonable,,leaning towards ‘low’ but the quality is HIGH! Super duper recommend this team, they do top notch work! Thanks gents!
Brad Rodman
Brad R.
03:11 20 Sep 18
Was looking to tint windows on a recent car purchases, found this place on google maps. The second I walked in I was greeted and asked what I was looking for. I’m bad with names but the gentleman walked me thru all options and pricing for each level of tint and what the differences were in each one. They have a small waiting area with tv and drinks available. They were able to get me in right away due to a cancellation. Was told about 2 hours to complete the job. While I was waiting on my ride, I was given a tour of the shop (extremely clean) and saw how thy cut each piece of tint. They completed the job in under the 2 hours. Was glad to see they have a military and first responders discount I was able to take and vantage of being a veteran. I would recommend this place.
Frank K.
Frank K.
14:48 08 Sep 18
I had my Dodge Ram worked on at the shop. Everyone was very professional and friendly. The work was done quickly and done the right way. I am very happy with the job they did and will be back in the future.
13:12 07 Sep 18
Took my son’s truck there for led headlights and fog lights. They also installed a bull bar with a light bar. Josh and his team did a great job. I’m taking my son’s truck back to get a complete stereo system installed for him. Thank you for the great job.
John Faircloth
John F.
16:01 01 Sep 18
My experience at Loud and Clear Audio and Tint:Intro about my vehicle:First of all, it’s important to know that I have spent the last seven years converting a 1980 Toyota Celica to be 100% electric. With that, I achieved the world record is the youngest person in the world to build an electric sports car, and being such a prized possession I always worry about people driving my car and the care that it is i first of all, it’s important to know that I have spent the last seven years converting a 1980 Toyota Celica to be 100% electric. With that, I achieve the world record is the youngest person in the world to build an electric sports car, and being such a prize possession I always worry about people driving my car in the hands it is in. The car was recently featured on Jay Leno’s garage on CNBC two weeks ago on an episode titled “prodigies quot The car was recently featured on Jay Leno‘s garage on CNBC two weeks ago on an episode titled “prodigies”, so with lots of new media on my car, I was definitely very worried about someone else being behind the wheel or just working on it in general.Review: The staff at loud and clear were very welcoming from the moment I walked in the door and we’re very comforting as I’m sure they can tell I was slightly nervous about somebody driving my car that I have worked so hard on and put everything into. They took great care of the car and we’re very friendly as I waited in the waiting room which had refrigerator with plenty of cold water to keep me waiting along with my favorite TV shows on the TV. As far as the tent job that I had done, it was beyond a phenomenal job, And is now giving me about 60% heat reduction in my car that has no air conditioning. The tint turned out just absolutely outstanding and really transform the way my whole car looked. I had no idea that getting professional tint done with make a car transform so much. I can assure anyone reading this that I will take all of my future cars to them and have it in their hands with any audio intense work that I need. And I will also tell all of my family members and loved ones to only go to this place and even make a drive if they have to because it is worth it at I can assure anyone reading this that I will take all of my future cars to them and have it in their hands with any audio intent work that I need. And I will also tell all of my family members and loved ones to only go to this place and even make a drive if they have to because it is worth it. Their prices are much less than other competitors in the area in their customer service cannot be matched. Look no longer, because if you want a quality tint job with great customer service at a competitive price, this is your place to go. And now I have a lifetime warranty on my tint from the shop, and the manufacturer – can’t be happier! They’ll take great care of your car.
Adam Lansing
Adam L.
22:01 31 Aug 18
I was looking for tint because of this Texas heat and came across loud and clear via google and yelp , they had excellent reviews. I sent a email and received a prompt response from josh. I called josh after work and scheduled a appointment and when i went in for my appointment i was greeted by the young lady at the desk and they took my car back. Johnny came out and introduced himself and i explained that i was interested in some car audio equipment as well, he gave me a detailed break down of what they offered and showed me some equipment that he thought would fit what i was looking for, he also took me into the shop and let me sit in the Rockford Fosgate trunk, what a crazy experience that was omg, my car was ready earlier than expected and i am happy with how the tint looks and i will be going back for some audio equipment. Good people and they do good business i will be recommending them to everyone i know.
Chris Jones
Chris J.
02:18 26 Aug 18
I took my wife’s 2018 Toyota Camry w/Jbl premium audio because it had an annoying rattle coming from the rear deck. Loud and Clear soundproofed the entire rear deck and the results were amazing!! No more annoying rattle when the radio is cranked and you get to enjoy the music you’d expect from JBL. A week later, I decided to have Loud and Clear tint the windows, and as expected, these guys did an amazing job!! Would definetly recommend these guys, and they have my business!!
The Gutz
The G.
21:00 11 Aug 18
These guys are great! Took my Tesla Model 3 in for ceramic tint and it turned out really nice. It’s a tough job to tint the huge rear glass in one piece, but they got it done right. The level of customer service is off the charts too. You can tell they love what they do!
Michael Thomas
Michael T.
15:34 30 Jul 18
All I can say is that this place is great. From the moment I arrived to the location, the customer service was great. I got my windows tinted on my vehicle and they did a great job!!!! If you are looking to get audio or tint work done, I suggest you give this place your attention. Josh thanks for the great customer service.
Rodney Carter
Rodney C.
02:33 25 Jul 18
I recently had a lot of work done on my Honda Accord and these guys were able to do it all. From LED retrofit for headlights, to tint, to remote start. They were able to do it all same day and did an excellent job! The tint looks great on my car. The work is top quality and very reasonably priced. Definitely check these guys out!
C.J. Baker
C.J. B.
15:56 06 Jul 18
Last week I had to get my front windows re-tinted because I failed the state inspection for them being too dark (I’m from Las Vegas). These guys were able to get me in the same day, AND gave me a reasonable price! I decided to add on windshield film to help reduce the heat in the car, and it’s helped a lot. The tinting looks flawless, no issues at all. This is a brand-new shop that looks very slick. It’s family run by a super nice couple. 🙂
Sara Onstine
Sara O.
18:39 04 Jul 18
Johnny Bouldin
Johnny B.
01:47 27 Jun 18
MUST CHECK IT OUT!! Best Car and Audio in Dallas By a long shot. I moved from New York and wanted to find a honest and trust worthy person to take care of my car needs and after looking around Dallas for over a year i can honestly say i found one!!! Will be coming back for sure
K Alexander
K A.
14:52 23 Jun 18
Very professional and exceptional quality work! I recently took in my 2017 Ford Edge to get the windows tinted. Upon arrival, Josh was quick to educate me on my options and the different film types they offer. He then found time to squeeze me in even without having an appointment. When I picked up my vehicle Josh was very through with the typical dos and donts of having new tint. I will definitely be bringing my other vehicles here. Great work Josh and the Loud and Clear team!
Willis Morrison
Willis M.
16:37 05 Jun 18
Fabulous work on window tint today! Clean new building, friendly staff and very knowledgeable about the different products and made sure mine was within the legal limit for tint. Definitely recommend them!
patti mcintyre
patti M.
18:49 01 Jun 18
I already posted this on fb but, these guys are great! Fast turnaround and super polite! My window tint and radio install, on 5/26/18, was done in 2.5 hrs and when they called to tell me it was done they arranged to have me picked up so I didn’t have to find a ride to their shop! This business, owned by a local Veteran, is a killer! Ask for Josh, he hooked me up!
David Wilson
David W.
14:08 28 May 18
What a fantastic experience! Great job with the telephone communication! Got me in on a holiday Saturday. Extremely professional installation. Payment experience was easy and enjoyable.Welcome to Wylie!
Steve Mills
Steve M.
21:57 26 May 18
Joshua and his team are very knowledgeable on there products, friendly staff, and well kept clean shop. I also liked that they have Audio equipment and tint display boards that I can visualize the tints and demo the audio systems.
Eduardo Pico
Eduardo P.
22:55 05 May 18
These guys are great! They take special pride and care in all the work they do. Seriously skilled in their craft.
Rob W
Rob W
23:36 27 Mar 18

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